Child of Mill Workers

Child of Mill Workers  I was probably 10 or 11. I’d meander down the road, peer over Red Bridge, into the swirling waters below, and go on to what I called the “Wrap Around Mill.” I called it such for the fact it traveled along one street and curved around the next.  Today, a thriving […]

Humor on the Cancer Ward

“Humor on the Cancer Ward” I didn’t always recognize its importance. I mean when I was younger, I thought that being attractive, outgoing, articulate were sure-fire antidotes to one’s suffering a life of mediocrity. I just never recognized the value of something I took for granted– my sense of humor. And then life happened. When […]

Amanda DiLeone Carson: Funeral Director/Embalmer

 The Final Caretaker….Funeral Director/Embalmer People who know me—or my writing—know I often focus on caretakers…the everyday heroes among us. The following is a young woman I first met when I was teaching. I liken her to Charon, the mythical guide in Greek mythology who ferried the dead across the River Styx to the Underworld, for […]