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Storyteller and humorist, rocked by significant life crises, Colleen Kelly Mellor spins her message of hope and resilience.

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I heard it once at a dramatic event on Alzheimer’s
Where folks got up and shared experiences,
Delivering poems
Or reading essays.

One young woman told
Of her grandmother’s cognitive decline,
Comparing that woman’s mind
To a bridge repair site
Where cones and road barriers
Shrink the lanes,
Disallowing free flow of traffic.

I felt it an almost-perfect analogy
Except, with Alzheimer’s,
Those barriers will stand

…..And there’ll be no repair.

The Fog of Alzheimer’s

The disease of Alzheimer’s currently affects 6 million people in the United States, a number that will increase exponentially in the years ahead. In my own state of Rhode Island, 24,000 suffer this form of dementia, while more than 38,000 caregivers provided 38,000,000 (yes, “million”) hours of unpaid care in 2020. Here, I will share my perspective as a 10-year caretaker in essays, poems, interviews of caregivers and humorous accounts (yes, we have those), providing information and tips for all caregivers who daily face the challenges of these difficult diseases. In addition, I work to complete my book, “Alzheimer’s and Me: A Partner’s Guide to Alzheimer’s.”

Boomerrrang by Colleen Kelly Mellor

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The amazing story of two Boomers who found their dream home in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America – and why they went back home. Boomerrrang is written with heart and brimming with expert advice from author, Colleen Kelly Mellor who was a successful six-figure realtor. But it’s not just about moving South. The tips in this colorful narrative will save you thousands….buying and selling…anywhere.

Finally, it’s loaded with humor. You’ll laugh your way through much of it.

"Colleen, your book is generating buzz in the neighborhood. One woman said she and her husband were thinking of moving South but after reading your book, they’ve reconsidered."

- Rep. Evan Shanley (Warwick, district 24)

"This book is the best!! My husband and I are reading it together...My husband is literally laughing out loud. Colleen’s humor and knowledge is a mix that can’t be compared."

- Alice Gephart (Rhode Island Best’s Heritage Art Gallery)

Grandpa and the Truck Series
Tales for Kids by a Long-Haul Trucker

“My three boys love the stories. They’re fascinated by the truck, the on-the-road drama, and Grandpa. They can tell it’s real — such better storytelling than most of the stuff out there. We’ll be buying more for their friends!” ~ Kerry

Grandpa and the Truck Book Series by Colleen Kelly Mellor