Notable West Warwick People in All Walks of Life…

Sports is what most people associate West Warwick with. They know of legendary football player-turned-coach, Monk Maznicki or professional baseball catcher, Mike Roarke. But most don’t know other ‘greats’ from West Warwick who continue to inspire. Bill Gadoury attempts to give closure to families of America’s MIA’s. Today, he works for the US Embassy in […]

West Warwick Produces Champions

We got the news in the winter of 1960, that our family from West Warwick would represent Rhode Island in a national contest to be held in the spring. We were Rhode Island’s candidate for “All-American Family.” This was no small honor, for families all over Rhode Island competed to represent our state. It was […]

West Warwick-ites—Please, Get Me Names….

Hello West Warwick-ites!               I am excited to take part in PBS’s “Our Town” segment, about our hometown—West Warwick. As a writer, I intend to shine a spotlight on exceptional people, sort of like CNN Heroes–those who have achieved in high profile careers, like judges?…movie stars?…entrepreneurs?..or people who’ve met incredible challenges in life. Or they’re just […]