Hello West Warwick-ites!              colleen stony knob cropped seriously

I am excited to take part in PBS’s “Our Town” segment, about our hometown—West Warwick. As a writer, I intend to shine a spotlight on exceptional people, sort of like CNN Heroes–those who have achieved in high profile careers, like judges?…movie stars?…entrepreneurs?..or people who’ve met incredible challenges in life. Or they’re just fantastic people who do our town proud. But I need your help.

Do you know of people from West Warwick who are exceptional? After all, little Rhody produced CNN Magic Map news commentator, John King and fellow foreign correspondent Christianne Amanpour, who both  graduated from URI but are nationally prominent. Are there any from our town who’ve gone on to significant fame?

Maybe, too, there’s a woman (or man) who raised 6 kids—alone—after a mate’s tragic  accident—6 kids who are now successful contributors to society. They’re heroes, too.

The point of my story? Our modest town produced greatness.

And I believe there’s a direct correlation between success and the way we were raised.

That serious work ethic taught us if we persevered, we would succeed.

I will interview the people you offer and write about them, but I need your help in identifying them. Please PM (private message) me with names, along with a way to contact them.

Our town deserves the recognition that PBS will give it, as we collectively work to show West Warwick’s uniqueness to a statewide and regional audience.

Thank you….

Colleen Kelly Mellor (West Warwick native, author, and monthly Prov Journal Op-Ed commentator whose article “Parent blames me for his failure” is in today’s–April 14– newspaper. It is available on-line, as well.) Below are my websites and my e-mail address.