Karmic (or Comic) Relief

Karmic (or Comic) Relief –Why One Should Never Act Like an A**hole  I absolutely love it when some lout who’s abused others gets a comeuppance from the universe. Years ago, when I was in the real estate business, I witnessed a perfect occasion. I represented a buyer who had just bought a cute ranch, through […]

“Rhode Island: Real Bargain for Savvy Investors?”

 “Rhode Island: Real Bargain for Savvy Investors?” “My 2 potential buyers drove a full 2 hours to get to this Open House, today. It’s what’s going on all over Rhode Island—but it’s especially the case with oceanfront property,” said RI Real EstateServices broker/owner, Greg Dantas The particular property Greg was showcasing was a ‘rehab project’ […]

Jack W. Clark: Perseverance Got Him Where He Is

 Jack W. Clark: When Luck Presented, He Ran With It…  He looks every bit like his alter-ego—that charming, perennially-young  “American Bandstand” icon, Dick Clark.  In reality, Jack Wade Clark is a case study for why folks should never make assumptions about others.  In his youth, he was seen, by other classmates, as privileged. After all, […]