Traveling Man: A Poem

“Traveling Man” See the dimple in his cheek? He’s only got one. Says it came from A screwdriver ricocheting back On him When he was a child I believe him Cuz he’s cheated death Countless times. Hell, I saved him On 2 occasions. Once, a piece of steak I cooked Lodged in his throat. I […]

But Does He Really Have Alzheimer’s?

 But Does He Really Have Alzheimer’s?  It’s a confounding disease—Alzheimer’s. And no 2 people get this disease the same way. Sometimes, his illness is very obvious, showing up as serious cognitive problems, but at other times, my partner can be amazingly “on,” as in witty, fun, engaging. The disease, at times, makes me wonder about my […]

“Lady in the Waiting Room”

“Lady in the Waiting Room”  She was tiny. A frail, 5’ tall, older woman who entered the waiting room, looked around, and sat on one of the empty chairs. She never went up to check in with the receptionist behind the glass. Most of the chairs in the room were taken. Over the next hour, […]