Lived There 9 Years…Then We Went Back “Home”

Read of our Boomer experience, living in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America…the crash that “killed” one of us…the forces that called us back to our New England home.

I’m a successful realtor who wrote the book “Boomerrrang,” for people who consider relocation, to arm them with the tools to make successful purchase/sale of property…anywhere.

Why’d I write this book? I saw so many buyers and sellers getting burned.

Click on the link below for my guest appearance on “Retire There” with Gil and Gene, a fun podcast to help all who plan on making this journey. And by the way, the tips I offer are not just for folks relocating now and they will save you thousands (Do you know the average number of homes a person will have over their lifetime is 3-4 homes? That can be a lot of money if you don’t “do it” right.)

Finally? “Boomerrrang” (yes–3 r’s) is laugh-out-loud funny. Check it out on Amazon.

Now, the link for the podcast. Enjoy!

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