They “Call” to Me

But I’ve got no one to blame but myself.

Through the past almost 3 years of the pandemic, I eschewed the normal disciplined lifestyle I’d followed most of my adult years. I ate desserts with abandon—the creamier, the more they called to me. I told myself that eating one a day would hardly be overindulging.

After all, those were tense days, and we were in the higher risk pool for getting COVID.

But I didn’t stop there. I indulged on pizza. Oh, not just any pizza. It had to be from Umberto’s in Cranston or Uno’s near the Mall. But still.

I developed a fondness for Coffee Cabinets (also called frappes) at Newport Creamery. Oh, not the milk shake. No, that would be less fattening. I wanted the 2 scoops of ice cream in my cabinet. You know, the ones I drank when I was a skinny kid.

Sometimes I’d order a “small sundae” at Hilltop Creamery, with 2 dollops of toppings—hot fudge and caramel, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. Because if you can have 1 topping, why not 2 or 3?

There’s a cinnamon walnut cake I became addicted to at Dave’s Market.

I did all this while simultaneously giving up exercise.

Now, today, in traveling about on errands, I have many way stations (more aptly “weigh stations”) whose pull I must fight in the course of going about my life. Too many “traps,” all waiting to snare me, if I lose my resolve.

My husband ran for Town Council in Exeter, way back in the early 70’s and when he campaigned, going door-to-door, he told me he had to avoid the dogs pegged to various points of the yard.

If one didn’t get him, another one might.

Today, I feel that same way about the many temptations I must fight—a strategic minefield. I might make it past the table of dessert confections at Dave’s without picking one up but then I must travel up the final lane—the ice cream emporium to get to a register.

It happened again, yesterday: I didn’t make it through the gauntlet, unscathed.

Now there’s a half gallon of maple walnut ice cream perched on a shelf in my freezer.

I’m disgusted.


But I resolve to do better.

And as I said…… I brought it on myself.

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