There I Was—Back at My Father’s Childhood Church

I’m pretty amazed at my life.  I never know where the next door leads. I just keep going through doors that present, trusting…even if, at times, I hesitate. A perfect example is what I’m embarked upon now—guest-speaking. You see, I’d never have believed guest-speaking would become something I love. I just had too great a […]

A West Warwick Native Walks Back into Her Childhood

‘The Principal’s Daughter’ As Guest-Speaker, I Don’t Plan on ‘Pulling a Larry Wilmore’…   You know—the alleged comedian of “The Nightly Show” fame who some say ‘bombed’ at the 2016 White house Press Conference Dinner, as he skewered several, with the result an audible groan —or worse yet for ANY comedian—no response– came up from […]