Sunstroke Out of Nowhere

Sunstroke Out of Nowhere   It was a lovely day in June, 1964, so lovely, in fact, that I decided at the tender age of 19 that my charges (patients) at the Adolf Meyer Building (Admittance Building) should have a chance to enjoy the balmy weather, too, and not be confined to the inner walls […]

Kids Lie             

KIDS LIE “But why do kids lie?” she asked, shaking her head in disbelief. It was one mother’s shocked reaction to our finding out that our 16-year-old daughters lied about who’d be supervising a sleep-over party at a friend’s house. We found out: “No one.” “Because that’s what they do,” I answered. “They tell ‘mis-truths’ […]

Scouting…Ballet…Gender Gap

My younger sister and I were always pressed into attending some sports activity or Boy Scout ceremony in support of our brothers. And since those older brothers both attained Eagle Scout (highest) rank, that meant many ceremonies. So, we girls shivered at bean hole bakes in the winter or sweltered through hot Sunday parades at […]

Why Did We Return to RI, After Living in the South?

They (the naysayers, that is) can say what they wish about Rhode Island but we who have traveled and lived elsewhere know our little state is where we want to be…for perpetuity (my ashes will be tossed—elegantly, I hope, off Rhode Island waters, while he’ll be ceremoniously interred in Veterans’ Cemetery.)  For many years, we’ve […]