Where will you retire? (we found our perfect home where we least expected it)….

My book–Boomerrrang (2 Boomers Find and Leave Their Dream Retirement Home) has been most successful. I’ve had readers get back to me with their impressions. Reviews are on the Amazon site (where you can order my book) and also on Goodreads. Use our journey as a guide in any move you’re considering–even in Rhode Island but […]

Woah!!!…Exposes Galore in “Boomerrrang”

Update? Well, we sold our townhome in Asheville, NC. The decision and move weren’t easy. We’d spent 5 months a year (wintertime) for 9 years in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America , a place where we’d built a new life. In the end, we left. Why’d we leave that Southern mountain enclave […]