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Colleen Kelly Mellor is an exciting, engaging speaker who looks forward to interacting with all types of audiences. Note Colleen’s “Speaker Topics” –or even ask how your own group might benefit from one of her many talks. Her message is one of encouragement, to which she adds her trademark humor. Colleen also speaks to informal book clubs about a topic most need to know about–downsizing…selling a home…buying a condo…based on her recent book, “Boomerrrang.” Reviews for her book are on Amazon. Ask her to present to your book club. She’ll give you a different way to view Rhode Island. Don’t be shy. She says “Let’s have fun!!”

“Retire There” with Gil and Jean Podcast

Rhode Island is the new Florida! says Warwick, Rhode Island resident Colleen Kelly Mellor, and her life partner Paul Wesley Gates. These two visited various popular retirement destinations before falling in love with Asheville, North Carolina. For 9 years, they enjoyed winters in Asheville and summers in Warwick, but a fluke accident on a mountain road and the crisis that followed forced them to reconsider their lives. On Episode 32 of Retire There with Gil & Gene, find out what led the couple from Warwick to Asheville and back to Warwick! Listen Now!

American Association of University Women: We’re Not ‘Done’ Yet

TedTalk at Salve Regina: Even a Late Arrival Can Succeed at a New Career

WPRI TV appearance on Dan Yorke

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