Heading South? You Might Want to Read My Book First

So You’re thinking about moving from the colder, snowy Northern climes (New England, Michigan, Great Lakes region) to the balmier, friendlier South? Well, not so fast. We actually did all the research for you, spending years traveling all over the United States to find our retirement Shangri-La.

We thought we had it in Asheville, North Carolina, living there half the year for 9 years, but as fate would have it, our final destination was much closer to our home state (in fact, it WAS our home state!!!) And we’re hardly alone choosing Rhode Island as our ultimate destination. Based on tracking information from trucking companies that move household goods all over America, Rhode Island is tied for #10 spot of states to which people are moving. I give all the info about our search, our choice of Asheville, and I tell why we Boomers left in my book, “Boomerrrang: The Amazing Journey.” 

Why Rhode Island? Well, for one thing, it’s absolutely wonderful–filled with little nooks and crannies of neighborhoods, towns, coastal wonders, all in a tiny space, meaning you get everywhere so quickly (when the kids ask: “Are we there, yet?” They are!!!) It’s got tons of diversity in that small space, because the Industrial Revolution brought in many diverse cultures to man the mills (Irish, Italians, Polish, Portuguese). That means we are the recipients of their rich cultures, foods, customs. And we’ve got 400 miles of the Atlantic coastline (our borders dip in and out, making up all that mileage since the state is really only 48 miles (North to South)X37 miles (East to West).

But the problem now? We’re being discovered! In a big way! The charm…the beauty…

Here’s my interview: It’s actually funny, in spots and informative all the way through.

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