Guest Speaker Topic:
Those Dealing with Life Crises

My Theme is Resilience!

With her engaging style, along with her tragic, triumphant (and often hysterical) life stories, Colleen “owns the room” at her speaking engagements. Her humor and insightful advice redefine motivational speaking. Audiences arrive expecting a speaker but leave delighted with a newfound mentor and friend.

Who is Colleen Kelly Mellor

Public School Teacher — 30+ years (taught women prisoners, too)

Divorced one husband, buried two more by age 43

  • Single-Parented 2 girls 10 yrs apart in age
  • At 43, Took  Daughters Backpacking Thru 5 countries in Europe
  • Freelance Writer/Op-Ed Writer
  • 6-Figure Realtor
  • Breast Cancer  Survivor – Wrote Sunday magazine “Lifestyles” Cover Story for Providence Journal  “I Got the News All Women Dread”
  • Advocate  following Current Partner’s Crash and “Death”
  • Children’s Book Author “Grandpa and the Truck” Bks 1 and 2
  • Regular Commentator in Providence Journal, Wall St. Journal, etc.
  • Author of ”Boomerrrang,” my latest book
  • Guest Speaker/Motivator
Colleen and Paul

Guest Speaker Topics