Karmic (or Comic) Relief

–Why One Should Never Act Like an A**hole

 I absolutely love it when some lout who’s abused others gets a comeuppance from the universe.

Years ago, when I was in the real estate business, I witnessed a perfect occasion.

I represented a buyer who had just bought a cute ranch, through me, in the Potowomut section of East Greenwich. On that particular morning, we were having the inspection and being the Buyer Broker, I was heading there to meet my client.

The Selling Broker would meet us there, to open the house and insure we had what we needed (keys for doors, information about specific access to areas, etc.) He was a young, cocky guy, affecting a know-it-all attitude when I’d seen him on the first occasion of our interaction.

Ahead of me, at an intersection of the road, an altercation was occurring. The cocky realtor in his BMW was yelling out his car window at another driver. “You F**k  a**hole…Get off the road!”

When I pulled up to the house, the other realtor was out of his car and on the driveway, getting keys out to open the house. That same other car driver pulled up and parked in front of the house which prompted the realtor to yell “Get moving, a**hole.’ You got no business here.”

At which point, I interjected. “Well, that’s not quite true. That man does have business here. He’s your Buyer.”

At that, he hurriedly opened the door and left. He wasn’t sticking around.

It was one of those rare instances of perfect karma, one for which I thanked the universe.

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