My book–Boomerrrang (2 Boomers Find and Leave Their Dream Retirement Home) has been most successful. I’ve had readers get back to me with their impressions. Reviews are on the Amazon site (where you can order my book) and also on Goodreads. Use our journey as a guide in any move you’re considering–even in Rhode Island but most assuredly, if you’re buying out of state. I also advise you how to interact with realtors or how to self-sell.”

All readers will merit from the advice I offer as two who lived almost ten years in a town consistently named one of America’s top retirement towns. We didn’t just casually choose it, either; we spent years searching for the place we felt was “just right.”

Now, I offer my advice as a six-figure realtor for those who want to buy wisely….not like some who buy blind and live to regret it. Some lost their entire nest egg–the money they saved over a lifetime. Some ended up buying next to a toxic landfill (dumpsite). I show you how to avoid all these pitfalls. But I write of our experiences in a humorous way, as reviews demonstrate, so you won’t be bored.

Where did we finally end up?  I think you’ll be surprised to

As an aside, see the little buddy in the photo? One of the remarkable aspects of the western North Carolina region we settled in–is white squirrels. He and his buddies live at the music school in Brevard, NC. It would appear that North Carolinians (of all stripes) have good taste.

In this book, I’ll tell how we chose our community; what to watch out for, when buying; particular challenges in the South for Northerners; how we sold our home by ourselves (saving approximately $17,000); on and on. And again– lots of humor in the mix, as well.

But most people want to know why we come back to Rhode Island, to live full time. Our reasons are in there, too, and let me say they aren’t the ones folks usually give for a move back (family, grandchildren weren’t our motivation since ours daughters and their families live on the West coast.)

The biggest plus:  You can use my tips for buying and/or selling anywhere–even in Rhode Island.