Providence Journal Opinion Columns

Running the gamut of poignant and serious to laugh-out-loud funny, my columns in the Providence Journal (a Pulitzer-Prize-winning newspaper) reflect experiences of my 30+ years teaching (all levels) as well as the everyday insane happenings of life. Some of the following Op-Ed’s have gone viral and have been carried in publications far and wide. They obviously hit a nerve or a funny bone.

Mountain Xpress Opinion Columns

I began writing a regular column in the western North Carolina’s Mountain Xpress, “Asheville Under Glass,” when I realized my husband’s and my experiences as retirees adjusting to life in this mountain region were fun and note-worthy (especially to others who’d follow our same journey.) Apparently, the editor of Mountain Xpress agreed.

Little did I realize that my articles…and a whole lot more… would prompt my book, Boomerrrang.

Here’s a sample chapter of how unique life is there. (Be forewarned.)The group of women in the photo (and article) were my support base through some interesting times.

Asheville under glass: My night at the Oscars.

Asheville Going Away Party