Panic in the Tunnel: A Caretaker’s Journey

Panic in the Tunnel: A Caretaker’s Journey A caretaker’s life is littered with unexpected stressors that can bring her or him to the brink. Case in point? An event that happened on our recent trip to the western coast (we live in Rhode Island). Now, Seattle, Washington is a big town, indeed. Millions of residents…thousands […]

To Combat Loneliness, Get Out There

I talk to other caretakers about how they weather their challenges. They’re almost always women who are sole caretakers of their older husband/partner,mother or Dad. They talk about how their life has stood still; they don’t go anywhere; they are not free to pursue activities for themselves. They are lonely. With that in mind (and […]


Merda…Merda… If one grew up in a mill town like West Warwick, Rhode Island, in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, he or she interacted with many nationalities since the Irish, Italians, Portuguese, French, English, Scots all came for jobs in the town’s 14 working factories and mills. As a resident of that town, I went […]