When Parents “Fib”

When Parents Fib… He was tall….but not really. In other words, he was “tall” in the way someone appears tall because of his presence. How do I know he wasn’t really “big”? He always told me he was 6’ tall but when I, his daughter, got to be 5’9” and eclipsed his height, I knew. […]

“Rhode Island: Real Bargain for Savvy Investors?”

 “Rhode Island: Real Bargain for Savvy Investors?” “My 2 potential buyers drove a full 2 hours to get to this Open House, today. It’s what’s going on all over Rhode Island—but it’s especially the case with oceanfront property,” said RI Real EstateServices broker/owner, Greg Dantas The particular property Greg was showcasing was a ‘rehab project’ […]