Two Heroes Joined by a Wristband

Recently Kentucky Air Force Col. Mark E. Baran retired from the United States Air Force. He’d worn a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) wristband for 18 years, etched with the name of my brother-in-law, Col. Fredrick Mellor, a POW and Rhode Island’s first casualty of the Viet Nam war. My account about Fred being shot […]

Caretakers: “Alz. Partners,” A Poem

“Essential Worker” We’re indispensable The necessary cog In a smooth-functioning machine Known as “the Caretaker Army” Our constant care Of loved ones Enables others To live care-lessly. We get no pay…no help Tho’ hours are long No days off Or vacation time. 16 million Americans? Provide 20 billion hours Of volunteer work each year To […]

I Write the Stories Of Heroes You Might Not Know

I Write the Stories of Heroes You Might not Know I’ve always been impressed with the folks who accomplish wonderful things, mostly out of the public view. As such, I determined to give these heroes a spotlight. My mission started years ago when I began writing about my career as Teacher–relating the funny, touching episodes, […]

Honoring R.I.’s first Vietnam War casualty: Lt Col. Fredric Moore Mellor

I didn’t really know Fred. But, as his brother Daniel’s widow, I became the lone caretaker for something Fred valued greatly: His Arnold Palmer “Classic” golf clubs in the distressed red leather bag. Each day, as I left for work, I’d note them in their usual position, set off in a corner of the garage, […]