“Essential Worker”

We’re indispensable
The necessary cog
In a smooth-functioning machine
Known as “the Caretaker Army”

Our constant care
Of loved ones
Enables others
To live care-lessly.

We get no pay…no help
Tho’ hours are long
No days off
Or vacation time.

16 million Americans?
Provide 20 billion hours
Of volunteer work each year
To dementia patients.

What do we get In return?
Lack of appreciation…

From those who should willingly help

Our army needs unionize.
Pool our collective strength.
Demand change…

We’ll do that…
When we find the time.


In 2021, I intend to be more of a voice for those who are doing the hard work, daily, without recompense or help, in the battle against Alzheimer’s. Government and families need acknowledge the difficult and critical work of caretakers–especially those who do that job alone.

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