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In my latest book, “Boomerrrang,” I tell about my partner’s and my many year search for the “ideal town/state” for our retirement….how we chose Asheville, North Carolina, from many contenders in Georgia, Florida, etc…..our 9 year “maladjustment” to our Southern home and why we finally returned to Rhode Island. Who’s the audience for “Boomerrrang”? Anyone selling/buying and moving anywhere (I even warn pitfalls of condo purchase.) Or anyone who just wants a fun read, with useful information that’ll save you big money down the line.
Buy the book for your parents…a relative..a friend…yourself.

Grandpa and the Truck: Tales of a Big-Rig Trucker Books 1 and 2

How’d we get to write stories about a big rig driver, driving across America? Well…it’s pretty strange. My husband and I left the frantic Eastern corridor and retired to the quiet mountain area of Weaverville, in western North Carolina. In our 4th year, he was hit on a mountain road by a 12 year old girl driving her uncle’s GMC truck.  Why was that particularly surprising? He’d won awards during his 30 years, traveling every state in America (but one). He’d had  no accidents and no incidents. But after the accident, he had to be removed from his car by the jaws of life. He suffered a broken neck; he was operated on and “died” from complications of surgery. The triage team brought him back with the paddles, but it was a slow, difficult journey back. When our grandkids visited in the months ahead, I told them his trucker stories and Voila! They loved them. When the littlest one played with the toy big rig on the living room floor, saying “Breaker…breakers..Any smokies up ahead on the superslab?” I knew I had to publish them.  So far, we have two books (2 stories in each book) with many more on the entrance ramp.

What kids learn

  1. Geography–from the unique perch of a cross-country trucker (in this way, kids learn other-than-GPS knowledge of our great country.
  2. Historical events (like the Woodstock Music Festival) as seen by this trucker.
  3. Nature’s fury in the form of ice-slicked roads, blizzards, and hurricanes.
  4. Important life lessons like “Never blindly follow another,” “Math skills are necessary in ALL jobs,” “Girls can do anything boys can do.”
  5. The value in life of acquired skills and practical knowledge.
  6. The unique bond truckers enjoy–fostered by an often-solitary lifestyle.

Alzheimer’s and Me: A Partner’s Guide to Alzheimer’s

Coming Soon!