Woah!!!…Exposes Galore in “Boomerrrang”

Update? Well, we sold our townhome in Asheville, NC. The decision and move weren’t easy. We’d spent 5 months a year (wintertime) for 9 years in one of the trendiest retirement towns in America , a place where we’d built a new life. In the end, we left. Why’d we leave that Southern mountain enclave […]

Each Year Shapes a Teacher’s Future

“Just as trees add rings of growth each year, good teachers wax in their craft right ‘til the end. “                        Colleen Kelly Mellor

What’s Your Teaching Flavor?

  Teaching Styles The picture? Yep..it’s of the iconic apple that folks always associate with teachers. So, my question to you: As teacher, are you of the red “Delicious” variety or the slightly-tart, green, of the “Granny Smith” family? I choose to think I was the latter, since I often laced my teaching style with […]

“Thanks” for Your Major Role in My Career….

But I Did Take a Breather This Summer…. Last year, I kept a punishing schedule, writing each day, from 7:00 AM til 1:00 PM, while I maintained two regular columns–one for the Providence Journal’s Op-Ed pages and another as transplant to our North Carolina mountain town, Asheville, for an alternative newspaper called the Mountain Xpress […]