To Combat Loneliness, Get Out There

I talk to other caretakers about how they weather their challenges. They’re almost always women who are sole caretakers of their older husband/partner,mother or Dad. They talk about how their life has stood still; they don’t go anywhere; they are not free to pursue activities for themselves. They are lonely. With that in mind (and […]

Humor on the Cancer Ward

“Humor on the Cancer Ward” I didn’t always recognize its importance. I mean when I was younger, I thought that being attractive, outgoing, articulate were sure-fire antidotes to one’s suffering a life of mediocrity. I just never recognized the value of something I took for granted– my sense of humor. And then life happened. When […]

“When Troubles Come in Battalions–Cancer”

Note: If you missed my prior post, “Heart Attack,”you may want to first reference that. And to make sure you don’t miss future posts, please consider signing up, on my website where my posts appear (scroll down to Blog on Home Page or access it in upper right corner, under Blog..then “Memories” at  “When […]

I Give Up a “Friend”

I Give Up a “Friend” I’m an addict. That’s right. You heard me. If I like something, I really like it (I smoked a lot when I was younger and after cold-turkeying it for days, I gave it up when I was 33). My really liking some things is why I never bring cookies, potato […]

Heart Attack: “Troubles Come in Battalions”

Heart Attack: “Troubles Come in Battalions” My husband lay in the bed in his single room #426 in Rhode Island Hospital, white sheets pulled snug, electrodes attached to his chest–monitors whose bleeping assured staff he wasn’t in the throes of a 2nd heart attack. As I rounded the door and stepped over the threshold, he […]