Karmic (or Comic) Relief

Karmic (or Comic) Relief –Why One Should Never Act Like an A**hole  I absolutely love it when some lout who’s abused others gets a comeuppance from the universe. Years ago, when I was in the real estate business, I witnessed a perfect occasion. I represented a buyer who had just bought a cute ranch, through […]

MRE’s—We Had Them      

 MRE’s—We Had Them        We’re all reading about the Meals-Ready-to-Eat that have been found in abandoned tanks and vehicles of the great column of war machines that some Russian soldiers have left in the wake of their escape, along Ukraine’s highways. Many had the expiration date of 2002. It speaks to a poorly-prepared and outfitted […]

Sometimes, the Grass is Greener

Sometimes, the Grass is Greener  Every once in a while it hits me:  I’m the only one of my family who stayed in Rhode Island…stayed for my lifetime. My 3 siblings left long ago. Most of my reason for staying is simply due to life circumstances: At 25, I married here…had my first child here…got […]

And Sometimes You Stand Alone

And Sometimes You Stand Alone I taught school for 30 years, all different levels at 4 different buildings—all positions I took on, willingly, meaning I was never involuntarily transferred. I taught in both junior and senior high schools. Lord, I even taught elementary art for a while, sitting at those little tables with kindergartners, cutting […]